It is very important that I have an accurate bangle size for your order since this is a final sale. Most of my designs cannot be resized without damaging the shape and texture.

If you have a bangle with a round interior that fits you well, place a transparent ruler on top with the widest points lined up to the ruler as shown in the imaged below. Rotate the ruler a few times around the bracelet, taking a photo each time. These multiple measurements will help me assess the interior diameter of your bracelet.

If you would like to order a gold bangle please contact me before you place your order to find the best size for you. For all other orders, follow instructions below:

Tip #1: Make sure your camera or phone is parallel to the table surface.
Tip #2: Indirect light from a window on a bright sunny day works great. Avoid harsh shadows.
Tip #3: move the ruler, not the bracelet.

Tip #4: If you have gridded paper, you can use the set up shown below. This works with metal rulers too. Don't forget to multiple photos.